Forex Brokers in online currency trading act as the connection and dealer between the buyers and sellers in foreign exchange market.

As we know find the best Forex Brokers is a hard process for traders our team made a list of top Forex brokers below For you, to review and comparison them.

Best Forex Broker

Top Forex Brokers List

Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
Fxstay $1000 1:400 EUR/USD: 1.8 USA Allowed Review Free Account Demo
FxPro $500 1:500 EUR/USD: 0.6 Review Free Account Demo

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Good Forex Brokers

The best foreign exchange brokers should have regulation, Not all countries regulate the same way, nor do they have the same regulatory, The best regulators are from U.S., Swiss, UK, Australia and some other countries.

The top currency trading brokers should provide lowest spread on major currencies, Market maker brokers provide you fixed spread and ECN Forex brokers get commission, Be sure you the spreads and commission are the lowest in the market.

The good Forex brokers should provide you different currency trading accounts and trading lots, A good Forex broker should provide you micro, mini and standard accounts and trading lot.

The best foreign exchange brokers should provide you fast online support, You need the support of such a broker whose customer service department is online 24 hours a day and who is ready to answer your queries every time.

The top FX brokers should provide you demo Forex account,If you are a beginner the demo account will help you to understand that the trading goes in the market and you will not lose a single dollar in this phase.

Online Foreign Exchange Brokers Trading Platforms

Forex Trading platforms are important in online currency trading, Brokers must have diversify of online trading platforms, because traders choose different trading platforms, A trader is familiar with metatrader 4 platform but another trader likes cTrader platform or metatrader 5 platform, So always check trading platform list of brokers.

Top Online Forex Brokers UK vs Best US Forex Brokers Leverage

Leverage is actually the amount that stays with the Forex brokers but adds to the amount of the traders in any trade.

UK Forex Brokers like Fxpro and Australia Forex brokers provide the leverage of 1:400 and U.S. Forex Brokers provide you maximum leverage of 1:100.

It depends to your trading strategy and experience to use the best leverage, if you are beginner then its better to use lower leverage.

Open Forex Managed Account If You Don’t Want To Trading Forex

Managed Forex accounts is the best solution if you don’t know have time to trade currencies or even you don’t know Fx trading at all, Professional experienced money managers and top Forex traders will trade for you and split the profit at the end of the year or each month.
Some of top Forex managed accounts companies like Fxstay broker make several million dollars profit for their clients in a fiscal year so if you don’t know Forex trading or don’t have time to trade and manged your Fx account so open a managed Forex account and use top Forex money managers to managed your Forex account.

If you still have question and don’t know which type of foreign exchange broker is good for you, our experts can help you to choose the best Forex Brokers due to your needs just visit Forex Broker Consultation or Contact Us.