All Brokerage Solutions Needed for Success

Brokerages should never rely on any single system. In fact, to be successful, a brokerage will need to build an ecosystem.

A competent brokerage will have an affiliate network, an uncomplicated CRM, a functional trading platform and access to the most popular PSP’s, just to mention a few. No single lead, customer communication or document can be allowed to fall through the cracks. We stake our reputation on it and so should you.

We believe that all brokerage solutions should be perfect.

Here at Popcorn Technology, we can provide you with the tools and the network to ensure your brokerage is on the right path from the beginning.

We also believe that access to these systems shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Proprietary software can be costly and complicated to operate, and convincing new customers of its benefits is a different story altogether. That’s why we have chosen to offer our clients white label software. We provide trusted and tested programs that most retail traders are accustomed to using. In our experience, that is much easier than trying to sell someone an unproven software package.

All brokerage solutions from Popcorn Technology

Provide Professional Level Tools

We have developed a full suite of tools and systems to allow a sole founder or entrepreneur to operate a full-service brokerage quickly and efficiently. We provide you with white label forex broker solutions that will make your brokerage stand out in a competitive market.

Some of our services include:-

● White label MT4 trading platform
● Web design services
● Affiliate program
● Traders room
● Access to liquidity providers from large institutions
● Ready-made back-office systems
● Marketing & IT support
● Access to prime financial services like securities lending and leveraged trading

We utilise the MT4 platform with the latest features and innovations in social trading like PAMM, and Exact Copier functionality. Your clients will get access to tier one liquidity providers with direct market access. (DMA)

Take Advantage of Our Expert Network
Saving money is always high on everyone’s list of priorities. That’s why we have cultivated beneficial relationships with banks, institutions and PSP providers. We can set up the best possible deals for you and your clients.

Our systems have been developed to be highly integrable. API integrability is particularly important for expanding your services and competing with the best in the industry.

Our affiliate systems are second to none. We provide you with a system that will allow you to track leads, client data and marketing analytics. Access to critical data points will enable you to capitalise on any opportunity.

Our brokerage technology solutions go much further than the trading platform. We can assist you with branding and building your online presence from the ground up. Because our systems are white label, you can represent your brokerage professionally and consistently. Our websites are optimised for the industry.

All of the above is designed for one purpose. To build trust.

It is one of the most critical factors in this industry, and if you can demonstrate trustworthiness and value to your clients, you will be in an excellent position.

Smart broker solutions require the smartest people to operate and manage them. When you sign up to work with us, your brokerage instantly has access to a team of professionals who have applied their expert knowledge to help new and existing brokerages.

We are here to offer continued support, whether it be technical issues, compliance and regulations, or marketing. We want you to succeed.

For example, we provide you with a back-office and help you to manage it. A back office is a web-based area that is integrated with the CRM and MT4 platform where you can handle the following:-

● Managing trades and submitting documents
● Performance monitoring and client feedback analysis
● Confidentially and securely manage client data and communications. (All data is encrypted)
● Direct money flow and manage financial transactions
● Handle customer accounts and applications

All brokerage solutions can be modified and tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Popcorn Technology is an established provider of all brokerage solutions. We have learned a lot over the years by helping new and existing brokerages to survive and thrive in this industry.

We know all too well that it isn’t easy, and it can also be incredibly daunting to start a new brokerage. We are here to help you avoid the common mistakes often made by start-ups when embarking on their venture.

Call us today with any questions you may have. We are happy to help

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