All Currencies Technical Analysis On European Session

EUR: The single currency continued to trade narrowly and further sideways trading is in store, buy orders are still noted at 1.3415-20, mixture of bids and stops is located at 1.3400 barrier, more buying interest is expected at 1.3370-80 and 1.3350. On the upside, offers are lowered to 1.3450-70, 1.3475-85 and 1.3500, more sell orders are tipped at 1.3520-30 and 1.3545-50, fresh selling interest is tipped at 1.3555-80 area (stops above) and 1.3600-10. Option expires today include: 1.3400, 1.3450 (large), 1.3490 and 1.3500 (large).

GBP: The British pound met resistance around 1.7000 and has retreated, however, bids are still seen at 1.6965 and 1.6940-50, mixture of bids and stops is expected at 1.6920-25, followed by buying interest at 1.6900, fresh demand should emerge around 1.6885, 1.6865 and 1.6850. On the upside, offers remain at 1.7000-10, 1.7025-40 area and 1.7055-65, more sell orders in good size are noted at 1.7075-85, 1.7100 and 1.7115-30 area, selling interest is tipped at 1.7150, 1.7165 and 1.7185-90.

CHF: The greenback continued to meet selling interest just above 0.9050 and sell orders remain at 0.9050-55 and further out at 0.9080-85 (stops above latter level), fresh offers are likely to emerge around 0.9100-10. On the downside, bids remain at 0.9000-10, 0.8960-80 and 0.8930-40, decent demand should emerge at 0.8890-0.8910 area with stops building up below 0.8890 level.

JPY: Dollar jumped briefly above 102.00 and mixture of offers and stops at 102.05 is now in focus, however, more sell orders are tipped at 102.20-50 area (stops above latter level), selling interest should emerge around 102.80 and 103.00. On the downside, bids remain at 101.50-70 area and from 101.30 down to 101.00 with stops building up below figure, more buy orders are tipped at 100.75 (stops below) and in good size at 100.50. Option expires today include: 101.55, 101.65, 101.75, 101.85 and 101.90.

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