Blue Trading

Blue Trading is an award-winning online managed account platform for the small and medium-sized investors who are interested in “outsourcing” their online trading efforts. Initially started as an exclusive platform for the private investors, BlueTrading started offering retail trading accounts in early 2016. Along with the forex, stocks, and commodities, the platform also offers cryptocurrency trading accounts.

The platform makes it easy for investors who cannot put so much time in deciphering the ever-changing tactics of the modern trading markets. With Blue Trading, an investor can buy an account and monitor its trading performance while experienced trading experts manage all of its trading activities. This paves a way for the non-professional investors who don’t have much experience or knowledge to make the decisions related to trading.


  • Fully managed trading accounts
  • 24/7 account management and monitoring by the account holder
  • Highly educated and experienced trading team
  • Highly secured trading accounts
  • Reliabletrading platform for investors
  • No upfront payments/fees
  • Multiple trading accounts for a user
  • User-friendly dashboard for account holders
  • 24/5 customer support


Experienced Trading Team

The team of Blue Trading that manages the client accounts has a vast exposure to the trading world and is fully acquainted with the evolving trends of the trading market; especially with the modern world of cryptocurrency trading.  Moreover, all the trade decisions are taken after deep and thorough analysis of the trade indicators such as risk factors and probability ratios, to ensure the consistent profitability.

Account Security

Account security is one of the most prominent features of this platform. A client can rest assured that his funds are in safe hands while the trading gurus of Blue Trading manage the accounts and actively participate in the trading activities. Highest security measures are taken to ensure that the trading accounts are safe from any kind of online breach.

Reliable Platform for Trading

Blue Trading has scores of positive reviews from the users under its belt. Moreover, approvals from the prominent trading review sites take it to the top of reliable trading platforms’ list.

Proprietary Trading Platform

Blue Trading uses a proprietary trading platform named as MirrorTrader. This platform is specially designed to comply with the modern trading conventions such as those of cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Pricing Details:

There are no membership fees or any kinds of upfront charges for opening a trading account with Blue Trading. According to the details given on its business site, the platform charges a flat 18% on the annual profits. For VIP accounts (accounts with €10,000+ profit) the fees are further lowered to 14%.

Blue Trading also runs an affiliate program where the affiliate marketers can work with the platform on a revenue-sharing basis.


Blue Trading is a highly reliable, fully managed trading account platform for trading stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Experienced trading staffs, high-security measures for account safety, and affordability are some of its major features.

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