BTC Trade UA Review

BTC Trade UA Review by professional Forex trading experts the “” FX trading team, Finding out everything you need to know about the broker in this BTC Trade UA Review.

BTC Trade UA Review

BTC Trade UA is a Urainian crypto-exchange that offers trading against Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), as well as coin-to-coin trading. It promises 5-minute registration and 1-minute purchase of Bitcoin via Ukrainian bank cards.

Like most exchanges, it has a single account type, uses Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for security reasons and does not offer trading on margin.

BTC Trade UA Advantages

Fiat accepted

At BTC Trade UA one can buy Bitcoin or other coins directly with fiat, or more specifically, Hryvnia (the local Ukrainian currency). This is an important advantage, as such exchanges are easily accessible even for beginner crypto-investors.

Credit cards and bank wire supported

In addition to the previous advantage of this exchange, BTC Trade UA offers deposits and withdrawal via convenient payment methods such as credit cards and bank wire transfers.

Transparent pricing, low fees

BTC Trade UA has a very clear and precise fee structure. It charges 0.1% per trade, which is a very good pricing. By comparison Liqui, another Ukrainian exchanges, charges market takers with 0.25% per trade and market makers – with 0.1%.

As is usually the case with crypto exchanges, deposits in crypto at BTC Trade UA are free of charge. Withdrawal fees, on the other hand, are quite reasonable: 0.0006 BitCoin, 0.01 LiteCoin, 10 DogeCoin.

Solid number of altcoins

The number of digital assets available for trade at BTC Trade UA is not as impressive as the one offered at Liqui, however it is not that poor either. You can trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, as well as other less popular coins, such as iTiCoin, Karbo and others.

The most most actively traded pairs at BTC Trade UA are BTC/UAH and DOGE/UAH.

Relatively nice platform

Although it is simple, the web-based platform offered by BTC Trade UA is relatively nice and equipped with the basic features crypto-traders need: some charting, an order book, trading hystory and chat.

BTC Trade UA Disadvantages

Suitable only for Ukrainians (Russians)

Most crypto exchanges are more often than not globally oriented, while the website and platform of BTC Trade UA is available only in Ukrainian. Furthermore, the only fiat currency accepted on the exchange is Hryvnia.

BTC Trade UA does not accept payment in US dollars, nor any payments from the US.

No Leverage available

Leverage is a must in the world of forex trading, however, most crypto-eachanges do not offer this option. BTC Trade UA is no exception, so in case you need some leverage and you are interested i the speculative nature of Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that margin trading is for risk-takers, as it may lead to heavy losses.

Low liquidity on inter-crypto trades

We noticed that trading volumes on coin-to-coin pairs are rather poor. It seems that most users of BTC Trade UA exchange UAH for crypto or vice versa.

Negative reviews

We found that most user reviews on this exchange are negative. Its clients mostlycomplain about problems with processing of payments, non-responsive customer support, etc.

Established in 2014, BTC Trade UA is among the first Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchanges. It accepts fiat (UAH) and supports credit card and bank wire payments. Another strong side of this exchange is the transparent pricing and low trading fees. Besides, it supports a decent number of altcoins and its platform is relatively good.

BTC Trade UA is obviously focused on Ukraine, which makes is suitable only for locals. US clients are not accepted and you may not use traditional currency, other than Hryvnia. Another thing that bothers us with this exchange is the low liquidity on non-UAH trading pairs and the numerous negative reviews we came across in some websites and forums.

Last but not least, we remind you that you can also trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a forex broker. Unlike most exchanges, many brokers are regulated, and besides, all of them provide trading on margin.

BTC Trade UA Review Conclusion

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