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What Are Charles Schwab Account Types

Folks who open Schwab accounts have a wide variety from which to choose that include the following: 

Charles Schwab Bank Accounts offers basic individual, joint and business checking and savings accounts and its Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account can link directly to Schwab One investment account for easy account management. CharlesSchwab also offers a variety of home mortgage related services that include mortgage loans, refinances and Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs). 

Charles Schwab Brokerage Accounts 

Schwab Brokerage Accounts offer a broad selection of US Dollar-denominated stocks, bonds, options trading and offshore mutual funds that involve a $8.951 commission on US trades.  There are no fees to open or maintain an account, other than those costs associated with certain investments within a portfolio. 

Charles Schwab Retirement Accounts 

Schwab provides Retirement Accounts for new, inherited and custodial IRAs that include the following types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): 

  • Traditional IRA Accounts provide immediate tax relief (if qualified) and allow accumulated financial gains with tax-deferment until the funds are withdrawn for retirement purposes.  CharlesSchwab charges nothing to open a Traditional IRA or to maintain such a retirement account.  Traditional IRAs involve certain restrictions as to the age of the owner of the account, mandatory withdrawals and more, all the particulars of which are available on Schwab’s website 

  • Roth IRA Accounts require a minimum of $1,000 to openqualified withdrawals can be made tax-free and there are no mandatory withdrawals.  Details about Roth IRAs are available on the Schwab website. 

  • Rollover IRAs are IRA accounts that were opened through a financial institution other than CharlesSchwab and are merged into a new account with the Schwab group. Details about this particular type of IRA account are also available on Schwab’s website.

Prior to opening an IRA account, investors should carefully consider all available options that may include keeping assets in a former employer’s plan, taking a cash distribution from the account (which may involve taxes and withdrawal penalties) and other investment options designed for his or her particular situation and future financial goals.

Schwab Trading Services Accounts 

Charles Schwab Trading Services Accounts include all the popular features of a Schwab Brokerage or IRA account and are powerful, easy to use and feature and StreetSmart Edge platforms.  These accounts require a minimum of $1,000 to open and are charged commissions of $8.95 per online equity trade and no fees for online ETF trades.  Account holders are able to access on-demand and live instruction and gain access to the over 10,000 member CharlesSchwab Trading Community of new, novice and dedicated trading specialists.   

Schwab Global Account 

Schwab Global Accounts are designed for use by investors in the United States seeking to trade in their own local currencies through CharlesSchwab in international marketplaces where numerous types of investment securities are traded.  Owners of this type of account are entitled to view multi-currency statements, access real time quotes during foreign trading market hours and there are no minimum balance or trading activity requirements. 

Charles Schwab 401K, Small Business Retirement Accounts 

Schwab offers small business retirement plans for any size business that include Individual 401(k) Plans, SEP-IRAs, Simple IRAsPersonal Defined Benefit Plans and Company Retirement Accounts. 

  • Individual 401(k) Plan — Individual 401(k) Plans are designed for businesses that have no employees other than the business owner.  These Accounts allow high contribution limits and are easy to administer and maintain. 

  • SEP-IRA Accounts — SEP-IRA Accounts are designed for businesses that employ just the business owner and minimal number of employees that allow for tax deferred earnings via flexible annual contributions for business owners and employees and are also easy to administer and maintain. 

  • Simple IRA Accounts – Simple IRA Accounts are designed for businesses with up to 100 employees and allow for employee salary-deferred contributions and employer matched contributions of up to 3%.  These types of accounts are also easy to administer and maintain. 

  • Personal Defined Benefit Plans are designed to help self-employed individuals and small business owners save money for retirement by making very high contributions to reach a certain predefined annual retirement amount of money and then contributions are adjusted annually to reach that predefined goal.  These accounts require $1,500 to set up and annual service fees are involved, as well as commissions of $8.95 per online trade. 

  • Company Retirement Accounts (CRAs) are also known as Pension Trusts and hold your particular plan’s assets as well as provide investment options, tools, research and other resources.

Charles Schwab Trust, Estate and Charitable Accounts 

Schwab offers a variety of financial accounts for individual Trusts, Estates and Charitable contributions. 

  • Trust Accounts – Schwab Trust Accounts are available for estates and trusts of any kind or size and offer all the features of a regular Schwab Brokerage Account for easy management of an account holder’s assets upon his or her death.  A minimum of $1,000 is required to open a Trust Account but that minimum can be waived if a Schwab High Yield Checking Account is newly opened or already established from which a $100 monthly recurring automated deposit can be made into the Trust Account. 

  • Estate Accounts – Schwab One Estate Accounts are designed for court-appointed executors or estate administrators to manage and distribute all of an estate’s assets.  Estate Administrators are able to use these types of accounts for consolidating estate assets, accessing cash to pay covered estate expenses or for payment of taxes.  Opening this type of account requires a minimum of $1000 unless a Schwab High Yield Checking Account already exists or is newly opened from which monthly recurring deposits are made into the Estate Account. 

  • Charitable Accounts – Schwab Charitable Accounts provide a structure for recordkeeping and management of charitable contributions for individual tax planning or independent 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Charitable Accounts require donor fund account minimums of $5,000, details of which are available on the Schwab website.

Charles Schwab College Savings Accounts 

College Savings Accounts are excellent means of saving money for yourself, a family member or a friend for costs related to higher education that include tuition, books, uniforms and other qualified expenses.  Schwab offers 529 College Savings Plans, Education Savings Accounts and Custodial Accounts. 

  • 529 College Savings Plans are designed for high contribution limits for yourself or someone else and offer immediate tax advantages.  

  • Education Savings Accounts are tax-deferred savings plans to help pay for educational expenses of the named beneficiary from Kindergarten through and including college.  

  • Custodial Accounts allow benefactors to make financial gifts to a minor that can be used for education or any other purpose and the funds in the account are managed on behalf of the minor (until the age of majority) by the Custodian who opened the account, but the assets included in the Custodial Account always belong to the named beneficiary.

Charles Schwab One Organization Accounts 

CharlesSchwab One Organization Accounts are designed specifically for businesses, organizations and wealthy families and offer all the benefits of Schwab wealth management using choice, value, great advice and complete transparency for managing personal and organizational investments from one account. CharlesSchwab can assist with building a personal investment portfolio and managing the endowments or business revenue of wealthy individuals or organizations.

Charles Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA)

Schwab PCRAs are self-directed brokerage accounts (SDBAs) that exist within an employer-sponsored retirement plan that provide the same choices offered by typical retirement plans, these accounts allow savings in a wider range of financial investments.  

Charles Schwab High Yield Investors Savings Account 

CharlesSchwab’s High Yield Investors Savings Accounts offer great interest rates and are FDIC insured.  These accounts link directly to a Schwab Brokerage Account and provide variable annual percentage yields with no account minimums or monthly service fees.

Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolio Account 

These types of Accounts are fully automated and powered by sophisticated technology that provides investment advisory services and expert tools for building portfolios of up to 20 different classes of assets.  CharlesSchwab’s Intelligent Portfolio Accounts automatically monitor and rebalance portfolios to help reduce tax obligations and involve no service or advisory fees or brokerage commissions.  Customer support services are available 24/7 with this type of account.

Charles Schwab Demo Trading Accounts 

Schwab offers trading tool Demo Accounts for customers to familiarize themselves with the Schwab trading website and the assets offered for trading.  An interactive video will guide you through the demo process and can be found on Schwab’s website under “Trading.” 

Charles Schwab Account Conclusion

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