Currencies Daily Technical Analysis

EUR: The single currency met resistance at 1.3445 again and has eased, mixture of offers and stops remains at 1.3445-50, more stops are placed above 1.3460, but sell orders are still seen at 1.3470-80, followed by combination of offers and stops at 1.3490-10 area, selling interest is tipped at 1.3520-30. On the downside, bids are raised to 1.3400, 1.3385-90 and in good size at 1.3365-75, stops are building up below 1.3350 barrier, fresh demand should emerge around 1.3325 and further out at 1.3300-10 with stops placed below another barrier at figure. Option expires today include: 1.3350, 1.3380, 1.3400, 1.3450 and 1.3500.

GBP: The British pound has remained under pressure after last week’s selloff, however, buy orders are still noted at 1.6800-10, fresh demand should emerge around 1.6780-85, 1.6750 and 1.6730, bids are tipped further out at 1.6700. On the upside, offers remain at 1.6890-00 (stops above) and from 1.6920 up to 1.6955, more sell orders are located at 1.6970, 1.6985 and 1.7000-10, selling interest is reported further out at 1.7025-40 area.

CHF: The greenback dropped on Friday after the release of US job data, bids at 0.9050 were filled but buy orders in good size are still noted at 0.9035-40, decent demand is tipped at 0.9000-10, 0.8960-80 area and 0.8930-40, buying interest should emerge around 0.8890-0.8910 area. On the upside, offers are now seen at 0.9070 and 0.9090-10 region with stops building up above 0.9010, more sell orders are reported further out at 0.9140-50 (more stops above 0.9160).

JPY: Dollar recovered after finding support just above 102.30 but offers are still noted at 102.75-80, 103.00 and 103.15-30 region (stops above), more sell orders are tipped at 103.50 barrier with stops building up above 103.60-70, selling interest should emerge around 103.80 and another barrier at 104.00. On the downside, bids remain at 102.20-30, buy orders are expected at 101.85-00 (stops below) and 101.75-80, more buying interest is seen at 101.50-60 and from 101.30 down to 101.00. Option expires today include: 101.50, 102.00, 102.25, 102.75, 103.00, 103.10, 103.50 and 104.00.

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