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This Dukascopy review conducted by the team of Topforexbrokers.com experts for those who want to know about the Dukascopy bank. By this review you will know about Dukascopy PAMM accounts and open a Free Dukascopy demo account with this broker and also know about how to do Dukascopy MT4 Download.

Dukascopy Review By Topforexbrokers.com

If you’re looking for a broker that is in fact popular amongst skilled traders you should take a closer look at Dukascopy. This is one of the prominent online brokers while it comes to liquidity. Simply ECN trading is presented and you have to pay a commission for every Million dollars you trade in its place of a high spread. A commission does not complete good but we can at present remark that trading is much reasonable this method if you can afford to trade with larger volumes.

Dukascopy is one of top recommended brokers. They work in a strict regulatory environment, and client deposits are secured by Swiss bank regulations. They as well score actual well on other important evaluation principles. The brokerage delivers low commission, and tight spreads, mostly so for clients with large balances and high trading volumes.

Dukascopy Bank

Dukascopy Bank is a Swiss bank.  It was established in 2004 in Switzerland. Though, the company has its backgrounds in the 1990s as a project controlled by a group of physicists to model financial markets. At present afterwards, the company industrialized its online trading stage. The company started up its SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace in 2006, which functions as an ECN. Dukascopy bank has since extended and developed universally. The Bank possesses Dukascopy Europe IBS AS, which is an approved brokerage corporation that delivers services under the equivalent terms as Dukascopy Bank. The offices of the bank is in Kiev, Zurich, and Moscow, Hong Kong and Riga and works over 200 people. The bank offers online brokerage facilities for CFDs, spot forex, exclusive metals and binary options. More, as a bank, Dukascopy delivers credit cards and online banking services. The bank is reviewed by KPMG SA.

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Dukascopy Broker

Dukascopy broker provides direct entree to the Swiss Foreign Exchange Marketplace which permits the usage of the main pool of ECN spot forex liquidity for private traders, hedge funds, international banks and institutional depositors. The company’s actions are regulated by such foremost financial regulators as ARIF and FINMA. The broker at all times develops its relationships with financial institutions and bank to sustain the world’s largest liquidity aggregator.

The trading account through the broker start from 5,000 dollars with leverage up to 100:1 and pip spread on major currency pairs outspreading from 0.5 to 1 pips. The available trading platform is JForex, Metatrader 4 and Dukascopy Java Platform. The minimum deposit is 500 dollars. Free demo accounts are offered for examining the company’s services. The broker provides its clients 24/6 phone trading desk and 24/7 interbank liquidity access. The consumers’ accounts of Dukascopy Bank are assured equal to 100,000 Swiss francs. On the trader’s website a trader can find trader’s calculator and tick data, charts and economic calendar, and many other data necessary for trading.

The broker have access to the Swiss Foreign Exchange Marketplace with the great quality financial services and advanced trading software through its banking corporations; Dukascopy – SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace drives on to set the universal industry-standard for ECN currency trading. Furthermore, trading currency pairs, the broker provides PAMM and managed account facilities. To motivate its customers the broker organises trader contest and bonus programs. A competition is an operative way to rise trading skills.

JForex and MT4 Platforms

Dukascopy delivers a nice selection of several platforms. Without a download at external Computers there is a Java based WebTrader that allow you to trade. The broker platform that is utmost used is JForex. This is their real individual platform intended to expert traders. At 1st glance this platform express a bit odd. Though because you have more than 180 tools to learning and many more features you could miss at other Forex platforms displays that you deal with a platform that suits the necessities of expert traders. If you don’t like JForex you can also go with MT4 and you should already be familiar with this stage. Thanks to the ECN Bridge it’s also possible to trade with ECN account and MT4 account. There’s also an iPhone app for everybody who essentials to trade with his mobile.

Dukascopy PAMM

The PAMM is a technical solution provided to the bank customers and allowing them to have their accounts managed by a trader selected by them on the base of a limited trading power of attorney. Dukascopy PAMM solution licenses the trader on one trading platform to do at the same time unlimited quantity of managed accounts. Managed accounts can be funded in various currencies and deposited with several institutions. Depending on the size of the deposit all managed account has its separate ratio in PAMM. Whole amount of all ratios under single Dukascopy PAMM account is always equal to 100 percent.

Dukascopy PAMM trading has no change in comparison with self-trader stages, all three types are presented.

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Spreads and commission

There is not any doubt that there’s a real low spread for an honest ECN broker like that and you uncommonly pay more than 1 Pip for EUR/USD. The commission or charges depends on your 1stdeposit. If you deposit only 5.000 dollars you wage more than twice as much in commission related to a deposit of $1 Mil. The bank mentions depositing as a minimum $50.000. In this case you pay 18 dollars in commission for each Million USD you trade.

Trading Account

There are numerous Dukascopy account presented. Depending on the regular traded volume and account size, different trading charges or commissions and overnights are applied. Many additional features are offered depending on the customer profile.

The SWFX technology account is a comprehensive service account and a lowest deposit of 100 dollars is important. However, The Bank SA just opens accounts with less than 5,000 dollars for populaces of Swiss. For non-Swiss people ECN accounts with the lowest deposit of 100 dollars are available only for the clients of Europe. The other 3 accounts Bank guarantees, Trading API and Third bank custodian services require a deposit of over 100 dollars.

Totally the brokerage account provide the same quotes and liquidity for all clients, trading of all types including news trading , scalping etc. and several funding services available, comprising Bank Guarantees, Debit and Credit Cards and Wire Transfers etc. . They all trade in CHF, GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, SGD, JPY, HKD, AUD and PLN.

The company delivers a 14 day demo account beforehand promising to this broker. The broker will often have trading challenges, on both live and demo Dukascopy account.

The broker charges a list of commissions for their trading services accountable on the size of your account. For the minimum accounts, it can be as great as 48 dollars per million traded, and for greater accounts, it acquires as low as $5 per million traded.

Deposit and withdrawal

Dukascopy is really strict in terms of minimum deposit. As at present-day revealed a deposit of at least 50.000 dollars is suggested though it’s possible to deposit $5.000. However, in this case you don’t have that ample room to maneuver.

It’s clear that the broker does not offer that many deposit options whereas they require more deposits. You can just deposit with a bank wire and no PayPal or credit cards are presented compared to other brokers. At the broker you can deposit in seven different currencies.

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Trading figures

Minimum Margin: 1.0%

Available Currency Pairs: 22

Spread: 1 pips EUR/USD

Maximum Leverage: 100:1

Dukascopy Bank Review Conclusion

Dukascopy is an outstanding broker for those considering for an expert setting in the online Foreign exchange marketplace. The broker has extended been known to be trustworthy, honest, and low-cost in their commissions. While there is no real micro account, they do provide a choice of numerous trading accounts. If you like this Dukascopy review conducted by Topforexbrokers.com then share it on social media networks please.


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