eTrade Managed Accounts

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eTrade Managed Accounts

ETrade offers Managed Accounts that allow investors to rely on the wisdom and expertise of professional investors and traders who are generally college educated individuals with degrees in finance, marketing or other related discipline.  These accounts allow newbies and professionals alike to engage in trading in markets with which they are unfamiliar or don’t have time to figure out on their own. The following E*Trade Managed Accounts are offered:   

  • Adaptive Portfolio Accounts are self-adjusting diversified portfolios offered by ETrade Capital Management and are built around a trader’s individual financial goals, risk tolerance and short and long term investment goals.  These accounts are automatically rebalanced as necessary to help traders stay on their intended investment paths. 

  • Managed Investment Portfolio Accounts require low minimum investments and are offered by ETrade Capital Management.  These Managed Accounts allow traders to work with professional financial consultants to build a diverse investment portfolio designed around their particular financial situation and future goals. 

  • Unified Managed Accounts are customized portfolios of stocks, mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which consist of individual securities that are selected and managed by professional investors. 

  • OneStop Rollover IRA Accounts offered by E*Trade Capital Management enable traders to roll over old IRAs into one, new account customized for their particular financial goals.

eTrade Managed Account Conclusion

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