ETrade review conducted by Forex trading experts for those want to open trading account with broker, If you want to invest your real money with E* then it worth to read this E*Trade review to the end, In this eTrade review you will know how to do eTrade Login or how much is eTrade fees, You will also know about how to use eTrade customer service and how much is eTrade stock price.  

ETrade Review 

ETrade was founded in the United States in 1982 and conducted its first online trade in 1983.  The firm’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) occurred in 1996 and the firm maintains its headquarters in New York City, with 30 satellite offices located throughout the United States.  E*Trade is overseen and strictly regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is one of the strictest regulatory agencies in the world.  Trading activities conducted by E*Trade UK, E*Trade Canada and E*Trade Australia are strictly overseen by financial regulatory agencies that oversee investments in each respective country.  

E-Trade has always been at the forefront of the technological revolution by offering easy to use digital trading for investors of every level.  The firm provides all the tools and educational materials necessary for traders to research, place and follow trades in a variety of marketplaces around the globe.  

E*Trade was once known for its popular talking baby commercials and has worked hard to evolve into a quality brand that speaks to potential client targets known as “Type E*” who are investors that are independent, confident and not afraid to ask for help when needed. 

E*Trade’s founding principle was a determination to level the playing field for every type of financial investor using innovative tools, educational materials and professional advice to enhance trading activities of its clients.  Most of E*Trade’s activities are conducted online, but the firm maintains two national branch offices and over 30 satellite offices around the United States. 

E*Trade offers a wide variety of financial assets for trading including, stocks, bonds, futures, mutual funds, options and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  The firm provides several trading platforms that include mobile app and maintains a variety of security apparatus to protect clients’ personal information and trading activities. 

E*Trade also offers banking services to its clients that include checking accounts with debit cards that involve no ATM fees at 30 satellite branch offices throughout the United States. 

eTrade Trading Platforms 

Investors who open ETrade accounts will have the opportunity to use three trading platforms which are its own proprietary website, E*Trade Pro and the E*Trade Mobile app. 

ETrade Website Platfor 

The E* website is easy to use because of a new navigational platform that was launched in 2014 that provides traders a more user friendly interface and valuable tools that include the firm’s completely customizable drag and drop home page, improved account overviews, portfolio holdings and monitoring, watch lists, real time quotes and more.  These tools and features are also available to clients using the ETrade Mobile App. 

Using the firm’s website, traders can research assets and the markets in which they are traded and access powerful tools, historical charts, streaming live quotes, stock screeners, technical indicators, training material, free analyst research, breaking news, live commentary and more.   

E-Trade broker allows traders to view their entire investment portfolios on one page and provides the latest market news and a wide range of assets for both short and long term investments for every level of trader. 

ETrade Pro 

E*Trade Pro is designed for more experienced and active traders and provides trading options in the full range of available assets and delivers all the trading tools necessary to recognize patterns, formulate and test strategies and execute complex trades quickly, accurately and efficiently.  Advanced tools included in the platform are enhanced options analyzer, professional level market data that includes Level II stock quotes, real time quotes and strategy recognition, back-testing, tracking assets and markets and live CNBC news. 

ETrade Mobile App 

The ETrade App is considered one of the best in the industry and allows investors to manage every aspect of their trading accounts from anywhere and at any time using a variety of Smartphones, tablets and handheld electronic devices for Android and Apple devices, including the Apple Watch. 

E*Trade App allows investors to research, place and track trades using valuable tools like pop-up stock and portfolio alerts, enhanced quote details, investment screeners, trading tickets, watch lists, conditional orders (including OTO and SL), as well as the latest news related to the assets that make up a trader’s individual portfolio and the markets in which they trade assets.

eTrade MT4 Platform 

e-Trade dose not provides Metatrader 4 platform, The MT4 platform is included by most brokers in addition to their own proprietary platforms (and others) for the convenience of clients who want to use different platforms separately or in conjunction with one another. 

eTrade Account Types  

Individual, joint and custodial E-Trade accounts can be opened and are established based on the purpose of the financial investment.  Account choices include Brokerage, Individual and Small Business Retirement Accounts, as well as Managed Accounts. 

eTrade Brokerage Accounts 

ETrade offers a variety of trading accounts designed to help people gain earnings by investing in various assets on the stock market.  These accounts provide access to the full range of E*Trade investments, as well as its advanced tools and experienced customer service personnel.  Brokerage Accounts can be opened in any of the following trading arenas: 

  • Futures Trading Accounts provide access to every major futures exchange in the world, as well as advanced tools and professional customer support services. 

  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts enable parents, grandparents and others to save money for educational expenses of the named beneficiary related to qualified primary and secondary schools, as well as graduate and postgraduate studies.  Qualified expenses include tuition, books and uniforms.   

  • Custodial Accounts are generally managed by a parent on behalf of a minor child to help them save money to enhance the future of the beneficiary minor. 

  • Trust and Estate Accounts provide all the tools necessary for Trust and Estate Administrators to manage the benefits of an estate or trust via Trustee, Executor or Conservator. 

  • ETrade Pro 2 Accounts are designed for experienced and active traders and offer full access to the firm’s assets, market data, trading tools, educational materials and more. 

  • Investment Accounts for Corporations provide all the powerful tools necessary for cash management including research and educational trading materials designed specifically for incorporated business enterprises. 

  • Investment Club Accounts allow traders to pool assets with family, friends and others to collaborate and arrive at the best investment decisions for the club members.

e-Trade Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) 

E*Trade customers can choose from a variety of IRAs designed to grow earnings using short and long term investment strategies and include the following types of trading accounts: 

  • Rollover IRA Accounts allow traders to transfer old 401(k) proceeds into a new IRA that provides greater flexibility and better control of personal investments. 

  • Traditional IRA Accounts allow investors to make tax-deductible contributions to their retirement savings accounts to increase tax-deferred retirement earnings. 

  • Roth IRA Accounts allow tax-free growth of investments and tax and penalty-free fund withdrawals at any time on certain qualified distributions. 

  • Beneficiary IRA Accounts are designed for people who have inherited IRA assets and want to preserve and protect those assets until tax-deferred distribution. 

  • E*Trade’s Complete IRA Account allows people over 59 and a half years old to upgrade existing E*Trade IRA Accounts into this newer, more flexible and convenient Complete IRA Account that offers a a full range of cash management tools and features. 

  • IRA for Minor Accounts are opened to benefit a minor child who has earned income and wants to save money for his or her own future.  These accounts are typically managed by a parent or legal guardian until the minor reaches the age of majority.

e-Trade Small Business Retirement Accounts 

ETrade clients who own small businesses can open a variety of accounts designed to help owners offer retirement benefits to employees who want to establish and contribute to some sort of retirement savings.  These types of accounts include the following: 

  • Individual and Roth Individual 401(k) Accounts are designed for self-employed people who run small businesses that have no employees other than a spouse and who want to maximize retirement savings. 

  • Simple IRA Accounts are similar to 401(k) savings accounts and provide an inexpensive and easy way to administer retirement plans for businesses with less than 100 employees 

  • SEP IRA Accounts are Simplified Employee Pension IRAs for small businesses and self-employed folks who are looking for a low cost and tax deferred retirement savings account. 

  • Profit Sharing Plan Accounts are flexible means for small business owners to make contributions to their each of their employees’ retirement savings funds.  

  • Investment Only (Non-Custodial Accounts) are retirement plans with flexible choices for plan administrators and others who manage investment funds of others. 

  • Money Purchase Plan Accounts allow employees of small businesses to contribute a maximum equal to 25% of total compensation to a tax-deferred individual retirement account.

e-Trade Managed Accounts 

ETrade offers Managed Accounts that allow investors to rely on the wisdom and expertise of professional investors and traders who are generally college educated individuals with degrees in finance, marketing or other related discipline.  These accounts allow newbies and professionals alike to engage in trading in markets with which they are unfamiliar or don’t have time to figure out on their own. The following E*Trade Managed Accounts are offered:   

  • Adaptive Portfolio Accounts are self-adjusting diversified portfolios offered by ETrade Capital Management and are built around a trader’s individual financial goals, risk tolerance and short and long term investment goals.  These accounts are automatically rebalanced as necessary to help traders stay on their intended investment paths. 

  • Managed Investment Portfolio Accounts require low minimum investments and are offered by ETrade Capital Management.  These Managed Accounts allow traders to work with professional financial consultants to build a diverse investment portfolio designed around their particular financial situation and future goals. 

  • Unified Managed Accounts are customized portfolios of stocks, mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which consist of individual securities that are selected and managed by professional investors. 

  • OneStop Rollover IRA Accounts offered by E*Trade Capital Management enable traders to roll over old IRAs into one, new account customized for their particular financial goals.

eTrade Demo Account 

When clients open an online trading account, they are able to use an unlimited free The eTrade Forex demo account that comes loaded with $100,000 of virtual money for traders to use for practicing currency trading before actually risking real money in a real world trading market.

To open a demo trading account with eTrade you just need to visit the broker’s website and sign up free then you will receive free instructions by email.

ETrade Fees 

All trades conducted on E*Trade are charged flat rate fee commissions that vary depending on the type of asset traded.  Fees for stock and option trades are $9.99 each, Mutual Fund trades are $19.99 per trade and very active traders can reduce the fee to $6.99 by trading more than 1,500 shares per quarter.   

A detailed summary of all fees and costs associated with maintaining accounts and conducting trades using an account are available on its website.

e Trade Spreads and Commissions

Like most online brokers, the eTrade broker does not charge commissions for trades, hidden fees or other charges.  The broker makes money by charging traders a slight spread that is included on all trading activities based on real time market values transacted by the client through the broker.  Spreads start as low as 1 pips (points in percentage) for forex trades (depending on currency traded).

Traders should be aware that trading during volatile times created by adverse global events or financial news is much more risky and broker spreads tend to be wider.  

e Trade Leverage

The eTrade leverage starts from 1:1 up to maximum 1:50, However the broker provides high leverage trading but if you are a newbie forex trader then avoid to use high leverage as it will increase to lose all of your capital.

eTrade Margin Requirements

eTrade margin requirements is fixed, The amount of margin that you are required with eTrade to put up for each currency pair varies by the leverage. For example, If you use 50:1 leverage then you may be required to put up €200 to hold a €10,000 position.

eTrade Promotions 

E*Trade has a number of promotional opportunities for free trading and bonus dollars for both new and existing account holders.  A detailed review of multiple current promotions featured by the firm can be found on its website, Depends to the amount you invest you can get up to $2500 as bonus.

e Trade Deposits and Withdrawals 

Clients using ETrade trading accounts can deposit funds using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal.  Trading account withdrawals can be conducted using the same methods and require proper identification of account holders in accordance with strict international financial guidelines designed to prevent financial crimes like identity theft and money laundering. 

e Trade Deposit Fees

The ETrade Deposit fees is Zero, It means you will not pay any money as ETrade deposit fess.

e Trade Deposit Time

The ETrade Deposit time is between 1 through 3 business day and it depends to the methods you deposit your ETrade account. 

e Trade Withdrawal Methods

ETrade withdrawal methods is various, Clients can using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal. Trading account withdrawals require proper identification of account holders in accordance with strict international financial guidelines designed to prevent financial crimes like identity theft and money laundering.

e Trade Withdrawal Fees

The ETrade Withdrawal fees starts from Zero up to $20, The ETrade withdrawal fees depends to which country and methods you want to receive funds.

e Trade Withdrawal Time

The ETrade Withdrawal time is between 3 through 5 business day and it depends to the methods you Withdrawal from your ETrade account. 

E-Trade Withdrawal Problem

If you have any ETrade Withdrawal Problem then you can contact the broker directly and if it dose not solve the problem then you can contact the regulators to solve your ETrade Withdrawal Problems, You can also submit your ETrade withdraw problems in the comment form below of the ETrade reviews by forex trading website.

Knowledge Center 

ETrade clients gain access to a Knowledge Center that provides a large variety of articles, videos, infographics, live events, monthly webinars and other educational resources for every level of trader.  A wide range of areas are covered in Knowledge Center sections that focus on those who are new to investing, investment products, retirement options, portfolio planning, taxes, stock plans and personal finance.

eTrade com Safety and Risk Management 

The professionals at ETrade broker take extra precautions to protect the personal information, assets and trading activities of its clients and promises to do so with its E-Trade Complete Protection Guarantee.  E*Trade achieves this using advanced up-to-date security measures like firewalls, strong encryption, multi-factor authentication, layered network defense systems and teams of expert individuals who are dedicated to fraud detection and protection. 

Using E-Trade Mobile Security ID clients gain two of the most powerful two-factor authentication tools in the industry.  This free app creates a unique access code for use with your password every time you use the ETrade login to access trading accounts.  

Traders can set their Alert Delivery Preferences to receive instant email alerts and ETrade broker will immediately send a high quality security alert if they suspect a trading account has been the target of fraudulent activities so traders can take immediate steps to mitigate damages.

e-Trade Regulation

Securities products and services offered by E*TRADE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services are offered through E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Commodity futures and options on futures products and services offered by E*TRADE Futures LLC, Member NFA. Banking products and services are offered by E*TRADE Bank, a federal savings bank, Member FDIC, or its subsidiaries. E*TRADE Securities LLC, E*TRADE Capital Management LLC, E*TRADE Futures LLC, and E*TRADE Bank are separate but affiliated companies.

eTrade Customer Service 

E*Trade’s staff of Customer Support professionals is available via live chat, email or telephone, as well as in person at satellite offices throughout the United States.

ETrade Login

For login to E*Trade broker you can visit the broker website, After sign up you can check your email and do ETrade login.

ETrade Minimum Deposit

The ETrade Minimum Deposit is $10.000, An account funded within 60 days of account open, with a minimum deposit of $10,000 will receive up to 500 commission-free stock and options trades executed within 60 days of the deposited funds being made available for investment in the new account (excluding options contract fees).

ETrade Trading Hours

ETrade Trading hours of operation coincide with the global financial markets. Online CFDs and Forex trading is available from Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 5 p.m., New York time.

ETrade Bitcoin Trading

At ETrade you can buy or sell CryptoCurrencies like BTC but you can not deposit or withdrawal with Bitcoins, So ETrade Bitcoin chart is available for trading.

eTrade Stock Price

e Trade broker listed at NASDAQ Stock exchange, If you want to buy eTrade shares you can check the e-Trade share price at NASDAQ stock exchange.

ETrade Live Chat

To get a fast support you can use ETrade Live chat, The ETrade Live Support is also available to support clients, To use ETrade customer support just visit the broker’s website.

ETrade Address

E Trade Head Office address in USA is:

E*TRADE Financial Corporation 11 Times Square, 32nd Floor New York, NY 10036-9992

ETrade Phone Number

The ETrade Phone Number include E*TRADE Securities or E*TRADE Bank is: 1-800-387-2331 or (1-800-ETRADE-1)

eTrade UK

E*TRADE UK Limited provides online trading services. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in London, United Kingdom. E*TRADE UK Limited operates as a subsidiary of E*TRADE Europe Holdings B.V.

Currently E*TRADE UK Ltd office is closed and dose not provides service to UK investors any more.

ETrade UK Address

E*Trade UK address was: One Canada Square, 42nd Floor, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA, United Kingdom:

ETrade UK Phone Number

eTrade UK phone number was: 44 2075 161 300

eTrade Review Conclusion 

The ETrade broker and its proprietary E*Trade Pro trading platform provide the tools necessary for conducting day to day trading account maintenance and trading activity and offer a wide variety of assets in which to invest.  Trading with the firm does have a few drawbacks which are its lack of charting tools, the availability of only basic alerts and the number of technical studies featured on the E*Trade website are far less than its competitors. Upgraded options graphs, option probability analysis and streamlining order entry tools have made the platforms more user friendly and functional.  

Clients opening accounts with E*Trade will gain access to a wide variety of useful tools and features but does so at a higher price than most brokers.  The high price for trades is counterbalanced by the wide array of assets available for trading and great customer support services that have helped make E*Trade one of the most popular brokerages for every level of trader.

Feel free to share this ETrade Review with family and friends who may be interested in financial investments to grow income for educational or retirement purposes.  

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