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Fidelity Account Types

In addition to the ActiveProTrader Demo Account previously mentioned, Fidelity offers a large variety of Account Types that include Investing and Trading, Saving for Retirement, Managed Accounts, Saving for Education, Charitable Accounts, Estate Planning, Annuities and Life Insurance.

Investing and Trading Accounts 

  • Brokerage Accounts (Fidelity Accounts) that offer all features associated with online trading of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, ETFs and more, along with valuable tools and access to investor research. 

  • Brokerage and Cash Management Accounts offer the amenities of the Fidelity Account as well as the full features of Cash Management Accounts, details of which are available on Fidelity’s website. 

  • The Fidelity Account for Businesses is a low cost brokerage account that provides comprehensive trading and cash management features that help owners manage all their business finances. 

Fidelity 401k Saving for Retirement Accounts

  • Rollover IRAs allow customers to consolidate old 40l(k), IRAs or other retirement plans into a new Fidelity Rollover IRA account that provides important tax advantages and an easy means of maintaining investments. 

  • Traditional IRAs allow for tax-deferred savings for retirement until the time of withdrawal, at which time those withdrawn funds will be taxed at whatever that future tax rate may be. More information about Traditional IRAs can be found on the Fidelity website.  

  • Roth IRAs are not tax-deductible which means that withdrawals from these types of IRAs can be made tax free as long as certain criteria are met.  These IRA accounts are best for those who can make higher Roth contributions and who think their tax rates will be higher when they retire. 

  • Roth IRA Accounts for Kids are owned by a minor and managed by an adult.  As long as the minor has qualified earned income, after-tax contributions can be made to the account (annual limits apply) and withdrawals from the account can be made tax-free upon meeting certain conditions, the details of which are available on Fidelity’s website. 

  • Inherited IRAs are self-explanatory and can be in the form of Traditional, Simple SEP IRAs, or other work related retirement plan, and can be moved into a Fidelity Inherited IRA account which is subject to minimum required distributions and tax deferred growth potential. 

  • SEP IRAs are designed for self-employed individuals or owners of small businesses. 

  • Self-Employed 401(k) accounts are also designed for self-employed individuals and small business owners who have no employees and want to make more money online.

  • Simple IRAs offer tax deferred savings and pre-tax contributions for self-employed people and small businesses with less than 100 employees. 

  • Investment Only Plans for Small Business (also known as the Fidelity Non-Prototype Accountsare also designed for small businesses with existing qualified plans whose employees would like to expand their investment opportunities to include those assets offered by Fidelity. 

  • Fidelity 40l(k) Plans for Small Businesses allow businesses to offer retirement plans to employees with employee deferral contributions and employer matched contributions and include a wide array of convenient features. 

Fidelity Managed Accounts

For those investors who don’t have the requisite knowledge to successfully trade in financial markets or who may have the knowledge, but lack the time necessary to properly research investments and follow them from beginning to end, Fidelity offers Managed Accounts which are model portfolios of stocks, bonds and mutual funds that are completely overseen and managed by experienced financial professionals at Fidelity.  As with Retirement Accounts, Fidelity offers a variety of Managed Accounts which include: 

  • Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service Accounts require a minimum investment of $50,000 and provide a diverse portfolio (chosen by Fidelity professionals) of investments and professionals manage every aspect of the account, including making additional investments in assets similar to those of the portfolio. Advisory fees are charged for these accounts. 

  • Fidelity Personalized Portfolios require a minimum investment of $200,000 and portfolios consist of stocks, bonds, mutual and exchange-traded funds specifically selected by Fidelity’s Strategic Advisers for the needs of its clients. These accounts include professional management of clients’ trust assets and an annual gross advisory fee is charged. 

  • Fidelity GoSM Accounts couldn’t be any simpler: answer a couple questions and Fidelity will suggest a diverse portfolio of investments specifically designed for the timeline, goals and risk tolerance of each account holder. 

  • BlackRock Diversified Income Portfolio Accounts require a minimum investment of $200,000 and are primarily comprised of ETFs (but may contain other assets). Fidelity’s professional investment team seeks to gain more income from these assets than that which can be realized using more common sources of income. Annual advisory fees are charged. 

  • Breckinridge Intermediate Municipal Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) require a minimum investment of $500,000 and are primarily comprised of intermediate term, investment grade municipal bonds spread across a wide array of issuers, sectors and maturities.  Annual advisory fees are charged. 

  • Fidelity Equity Income Strategy Accounts are SMAs that require minimum investments of $200,000 and seek long-term increase of income through capital growth greater than the S&P 500 but with less volatility than typical in the U.S. stock market.  Investments are comprised of high quality dividend paying stock shares and annual advisory fees are charged. 

  • Fidelity Tax-managed U.S. Equity Index Strategy SMA Accounts require a minimum investment of $200,000 and uses tax focused investment strategies on investments primarily comprised of U.S. stocks, but with returns typical of the S&P 500.  Annual advisory fees are charged. 

Fidelity Saving Accounts for Education

  • 529 College Savings Accounts are flexible savings plans specifically for costs of attending college and require only $50 to open an account (or automatic contributions into the account of at least $15 per month).  There are no income restrictions or annual account fees and these Accounts allow for high contribution limits and tax benefits. 

  • Custodial Accounts (also known as Uniform Gifts/Transfers to Minors Acts – UGMA or UTMA) are brokerage accounts with multiple trade and cash management features.  These accounts are overseen the by the adult opening the account on behalf of the named minor and all funds within the account are irrevocable gifts to only that named minor beneficiary.  A minimum of $2,500 is required to open Custodial Accounts, which are accessible online for everyday use and involve no fees. 

Fidelity Charitable Account 

Fidelity’s Giving Account enables clients to support their favorite charities by donating cash, real property, stocks and more from one charitable account.  A minimum initial deposit of $5,000 is required to open a Giving Account and administrative and trading costs are involved, but the Giving Account is a great way to consolidate and manage all charitable contributions from one charitable account, using investments to grow contributions.

Fidelity Estate Planning Accounts 

  • Trust Accounts are fiduciary agreements that permit a Trustee to hold and manage assets on behalf of one or more beneficiaries.  These Accounts allow for low-cost investing in stocks, bondsoptions, noload funds and more and involve no annual account fees, a minimum $2,500 initial investment and free trading of most Fidelity Mutual Funds. 

  • Estate Accounts are comprised of the assets of a deceased person and are managed by the Estate Administrator to help protect assets of the Estate and make distributions to named beneficiaries.  There is a minimum deposit requirement of $2,500no account fees and free trading of multiple Fidelity mutual funds. 

Fidelity Annuities

  • Fidelity Personal Retirement Annuities (FPRAallow for tax-free retirement contributions beyond typical limits imposed on IRA funds and requires a minimum $10,000 initial investment.  Investment choices include over 50 mutual funds and annual fees are imposed (25% on accounts with initial deposits under $1 million and 10% for accounts with initial deposits over $1 million).   

  • Deferred Fixed Annuities offer a guaranteed rate of return for a set period of time (3 to 10 years) and allow for tax-deferred investment returns with minimum initial deposit requirements of $10,000. 

  • Fidelity Freedom Lifetime Income Annuities are chosen by investors who want a lifelong stream of income that keeps pace with inflation and offers investments in choice Fidelity managed portfolios.  These accounts help people reduce the risk of outliving their retirement savingsinvolve an initial investment of at least $25,000 and annual account and fund fees. 

  • Intermediate Fixed Income Annuities provide a predictable guaranteed income for the rest of your life or other set period of time and require a minimum initial investment of $10,000.   

  • Deferred Income Annuities allow an individual (or individual and their spouse) to enjoy a guaranteed income for the rest of their lives, beginning at some future time which can be from 13 months to 40 years after payment of the first premium. Minimum initial investment of $10,000 is required. 

Fidelity Life Insurance 

Universal Life Insurance 

Fidelity offers two permanent Universal Life Insurance options through Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) which focus on providing lifetime guaranteed death benefits that intend to transfer the liquidity, wealth or estate of the insured to named beneficiaries.  Various rate types and optional riders are available. 

  • MassMutual UL GuardSM accounts are available for individuals between the age of 0 to 85 years and provide minimum coverage of $50,000 upon death and payment of premiums that can be billed annually, semi-annually or quarterly. 

  • MassMutual SUL GuardSM accounts are available for two individuals between the ages of 18 and 85 years and provide minimum coverage of $100,000 upon their deaths and are designed for people who want to complete their joint estate plans by maximizing the wealth they plan to transfer to beneficiaries after the death of both parties.  

Term Life Insurance 

  • Fidelity Investments Life Insurance Company offers term life insurance (10, 15 and 20 years) and provides minimum coverage of $250,000 for individuals to provide financial resources to their dependents to help protect them if the account holder should pass away.  Rates are determined by the health of the insured party and premiums can be paid monthly, semi-annually or annually.

Fidelity Account Types Conclusion

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