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FXCM review conducted by our team for those traders want to open trading account with FXCM UK broker, In this review you will know how to do FXCM MT4 download and how to open free FXCM demo account, You will also know about the FXCM Trading Station in this FXCM review.

The expert financial investors, advisers and analysts at our team have reviewed many trading platforms for the convenience of its visitors and customers to its website in comparing, evaluating and selecting a market platform for trading numerous financial assets, comprising foreign currencies. In that respect, our group of experts has used the FXCM trading platform for conducting Forex trades, comprehensively explored FXCM’s website, features and options provided by its trading platform and offer the following FXCM Review by our team.

FXCM Review By Topforexbrokers.com

FXCM is one of the original brokerages for retail universal forex business. Established in 1999 in the US and in 2003, the broker opened its offices in the UK, crossed the 100,000 account threshold in 2007 and quickly come to be one of the top Forex brokers in the world.

FXCM Holdings, LLC and now well-known as FXCM Group, the headquarters in New York City, as well as satellite offices everywhere the world in the Germany, UK, Italy, France, China, Greece, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong, all of which are licensed and severely supervised by their individual country’s financial regulatory bodies.

FXCM appreciates a large international user base and has high liquidity and large financial assets which allows the company to provide tight spreads on over 50 currency pairs, better rates, advanced features and trading tools and best quality customer support services to all levels of forex traders all over the world.

The broker does not provide stocks, options or futures trading, though international customers do have access to trading Contract for Difference (CFD) assets.  This key emphasis on forex trading makes the broker an outstanding choice for traders interested in trading mainly Forex assets.

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Trading Platforms

In addition to its individual exclusive trading platform, The broker uses numerous platforms, comprising FXCM Active Trader, Trading Station II, Trading Station Gateway, Mobile Trading Station II and the very popular Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform that is actually instinctive, completely and user friendly customization.

Trading Station is FXCM’s exclusive software that was formed using 10 years of valuable customer feedback and trading data to convey a functionally effectual platform to meet the requirements of today’s forex traders, experienced or beginner.

While traders use Trading Station, they get an appropriate and user friendly trading platform that is accessible through desktop for Windows or Mac, mobile apps or internet. Traders can understand real time asset prices, discover numerous types of orders, use dozens of preloaded indicators, perform trades at exact times, stream the latest news from ForexSQ, use FXCM’s exclusive Real Volume indicators that evaluate and track trades conducted by over 200,000 depositors around the world.

For those who want more trading info and solutions, The broker permits traders to use Mirror Trader, which operates perfectly with FXCM’s trading platform to provide hundreds of skilfully designed trading strategies that depositors can copy with no extra maintenance or performance charges.

FXCM MT4 Download

The trading platform of FXCM has been upgraded to allow perfect integration of the actual popular MT4 trading platform. The advancement added more features to improve customers’ MT4 trading activities, comprising eliminating 3rd party bridges and account syncing, the capability to set Stop Loss and Take Profit (SLTP) orders whereas opening a new trade, no trade limitations with NDD Execution, scalping and all other stratagems are allowable with NDD execution, permits for partial closing of orders and removes restrictions on placing Pending Orders or SLTP. The upgrade also delivers investors with better risk management by allowing more exact lot sizes and well control of when and how much of a position traders need to close trades.

Customers of the broker can follow the simple guidelines on its website for easily and quickly downloading the MT4 trading platform for use in their forex trading actions.

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Account Types

FXCM provides 3 types of trading accounts to its customers, which are Active, Standard and Mini trader accounts.  The broker also provides traders a free demo trading account which is accessible for up to 30 days and originates with $50,000 of virtual money for performing trading on the marketplace.

The Standard account is perfect for expert traders who want to leverage all the advantages of forex trading.  A primary deposit of $5000 is essential to open a standard account which provides spreads as low as 0.5 percent and access to FXCM’s complete catalog of nearly 39 popular currency pairs (counting crosses and exotics).  Standard accounts provide leverage of up to 1:200 for non US customers and 50:1 for US based traders, in addition to access to DOM data.

The Mini account needs a minimum deposit of 50,000 dollars with lot sizes of $1,000 and admittance to 21 pairs of the most commonly traded currency pairs, comprising the EUR/USD. Mini accounts comprise free trading services like “Client-Only Trading Signals” to hindrance traders with learning the market and civilizing trading stratagems.

FXCM Active Trader

The Active Trader account necessitates a minimum $25,000 deposit and comprises the praised “No Dealing Desk Execution” feature, along with best pricing for higher volume trading that saves up to 50 percent on trading prices. No Dealing Desk Execution is a model formed by the broker with asset assessing data started by its liquidity providers that comprise financial institutions, international banks, prime brokerages and others who offer financial assets for trade with no markups. In the case of customers of certain intermediaries, occasionally trades are subject to a markup. This allows traders to trade on currency rates offered directly by those liquidity-providing monetary institutions, which allows the broker to provide low variable spreads on major currency pairs and endorses efficiency and market pricing race.

Active Trader accounts permit depositors to observe the flow of FXCM activities and exploit lower spreads in exchange for reduced commissions. Traders are also capable to view up to 10 levels of DOM data that permits identification of possible support or resistance issues and provides the trader a huge advantage during market studies and trade implementation.

Active Trader account owners also enjoy dedicated customer support services delivered by an account relationship Manager and professional backup office team of expert traders, advisors and financial analysts.

FXCM Demo Account

While customers open an FXCM trading account, they are capable to usage a free demo account for up to 30 days that comes loaded with 50,000 dollars of virtual money for traders to usage for practicing forex trading before actually risking real money in a real world trading marketplace.

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FXCM UK Review Conclusion

By this FXCM review now you know all this broker, With over 100 million dollars in declared capital FXCM.com or FXCM UK is one of the greatest capitalized brokerage firms in the forex business and uses the MT4 trading platform that is actually popular among forex and other financial asset brokers.

The FXCM trading platform is extremely instinctive with many features intended specifically for beginners to the world of financial investments, comprising forex, and whose experience and prospects are limited, but who search for a better understanding of the international forex trading market and platforms on which it is traded.

Both experienced and novice traders will benefit from FXCM’s Resource Center that delivers access to technical trading subjects, Forex trading platforms, chaperons on forex trading and markets and advanced trading ideas are reviewed in on demand instructional video lessons, videos, and live trading sessions performed on ForexSQ.

With a long-term history of over ten years, FXCM has come to be a well-established broker with strong connections to numerous banks and other financial organizations. FXCM maintains a leading team of expert market predictors and a capable multilingual customer service staff that excels in solving problems for customers of this broker that regularly trades $100 millions of financial investment resources.

The varied technological skills of the FXCM trading platform software makes it perfect for beginners who want to increase an understanding of forex trading as well as more experienced scalpers and algorithm brokers.

The powerful FXCM trading platform provides MT4 to high end users and beginners alike using desktop Trading Station that is presented for Mac, Windows and in a mobile trading app intended for use with a variety of hand held electronic mobile devices.

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