How Submit Your Article

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To submit articles you must buy a Broker Listing package, articles shows directly on the homepage some important steps you must do, Our Team reserves the right to Accept or Reject articles, To submit articles to you must do rules below

1- Your articles must be Unique and Original contain useful information [ this is really important for us ]

2- Your articles must not be Copy or Spam [ this is really important for us too ]

3- Do not link to third party or your broker websites in the articles but you can link to your broker Review Page on however our system shows profile of the writer at the end of articles but you will allow to link to your broker Review Page on in your articles and its better to link at your broker review page at the end of articles.

4- Submit articles to the relevant category, if your article is not relevant to the category your article will delete.

5- Set title, description and keywords for your articles to provide you the most relevant traffic.

6- Set featured image from sidebar right of the content management system.

7- To attract more visitors add a picture at first of your article relevant to the article.

8- Hire a team of professional forex article writers to bring you more visitors by writing unique and useful hot articles.

9- For the copy right law at the end of article or video write: This article wrote by [ Link to Your Broker Review Page ]  for . See example here at the end of article Here

Here is sample of Unique news:  Deutsche Bank suspends Forex traders in New York

Here is sample of unique article contain Useful information for visitors:

The Importance Of The Purchasing Managers’ Index PMIor Important Reasons Forex Traders Fail

10- Link to the article you wrote on at your forex websites, blogs, forums or social medias networks to increase ranking of your article on TFB to shows on most visited articles.

For example you wrote “article A” on TFB now promote the link “ A” on your online networks to increase visitors and your article become feature and shows on most visited articles on TFB.


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