How to choose the top forex brokers

Choose the Top Forex Brokers is always a big problem for each trader in the foreign exchange market , some times even professional traders make mistake to choose their Top Forex Broker because nowadays there are a lot of Forex brokers in the foreign exchange market from several countries with different trading rules so even professional traders make mistake to choose the Best Forex Broker that match with their trading systems so if you want to become a successful trader i think it worth to put some time on our website and read articles because your money will never come back again if you do not choose the right Forex Broker . So read below and i will show you how choose the Top Forex Broker .

  • Regulation

The first and important thing that you must always care about it is check the regulation of the brokers , each one of them must be regulated at least with one of the trusty regulatory service like NFA [ regulatory in U.S ] , FSA [ regulatory in U.K ], ARIF [ regulatory in Switzerland ] or other regulators . The regulation is important because if there will be a problem between you and your broker the regulatory will force the broker to solve your problem fast or they do not allow the broker to trade . So first of all ask the Top Forex Brokers to tell you about their regulation .

  • Currency Pairs

Other important step is currency pairs that a broker provide you to trade on them . More currency pairs you have in your trading platform better is for you because sometimes on a chart of currency pair you find a good technical point to enter to the market but after you want to make a trade on the currency pair you find out the broker dose not allow you to trade on that pair so you will lost several hundreds or thousands dollars easily so first check the Top Forex Brokers allow you to trade on which currency pairs , You can find out this by ask the brokers to provide you the list of currency pairs with spreads on their website .

  •  Fast Support

Imagine you made a big trade for example on the pair British Pound versus U.S Dollar and suddenly you internet disconnect so a fast online support will really help you a lot at this time to control your trades . A Top Forex Broker must has several Online Support like email , phone or online chat because you will have some problems during your trading that need fast online support .

  • Trading Platform

Another important thing is trading platform that you must care about it because trading platform of forex brokers are different with each other . Each forex broker has a different platform that design specially for the broker so before you open your real account first download the trading platform of broker and trade for at least 2 week on a demo account to become familiar with the online platform then you can open your real account .

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