How to Trade Forex

How To Trade Forex Online For Beginners

To start trading Forex you need an online trading platform and to download free online trading platform you need to sign up with Forex Brokers and then FX brokers provide you different trading platforms to start trading currencies on demo or real foreign exchange account.

So if you want to trade Forex as a beginner first step is find Forex brokers and sign up with them then download their trading platforms and trading in a demo account and meanwhile you learn Forex trading until you know how to trade Forex profitably.

How To Trade Forex with $100

if you want to know how to trade Forex with $100 i must tell you some of Forex brokers allow you to open Forex trading account with $100 or lower but you must use high leverage that is a little dangerous for beginner FX traders and you must be a professional trader to use high leverage but if you still want to start trading Forex with $100 you can check out Forex Brokers List and check the minimum open account for each broker then open your trading account with those allow you to trade forex with $100.

Open Forex Account

How To Trade Forex Successfully

if you want to trade Forex successfully the first step is you must learn forex and be well educated, my suggestion is to study currency trading for at least 1 year and practice in demo account to know how you can trade Forex successfully then start trading currencies in real account.

Buy or Sell Currencies

More than 60% of trading in the Forex market is done in the currency pairs. Currencies are always bought and sold in pairs in the Forex market. In the currency pair, one currency is the base currency and the other is quote currency. A currency whose value is calculated in relation to the other is called the base currency and the other one is called the quote currency. The currency pair is represented in the currency quotation, for example, USD/CAD is the currency quotation in which USD is the base currency and CAD is the quote currency. The four major currency pairs are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF.

Long Buy: Long Buy is a position in the Forex market which is created when base currency is bought and quote currency is sold.

Short Buy: Short Buy is just the opposite position of Long Buy.

Pip: Pip is an abbreviated form of Price Interest Points. It indicates the profit of the Forex traders.

Bid: Bid price is what is decided by the trader or investor to buy the base currency.

Ask: Ask price is what is decided by the trader or investor to sell the base currency.

Spread: Spread is the difference between the Ask price and the Bid price.

Leverage: Leverage is the amount of purchase that you can do with your own money in the Forex market. For example, if you are offered the leverage of 100:1 then you can open a position of $10,000 with only $100 in your account. Greater the leverage, greater is the buying power of the trader or investor. Some brokers also offer a leverage of 400:1.

Stop Loss: Stop loss is the rate of the base currency of an opened position set by the trader or investor. If the rate of the base currency falls as low as the value of stop loss then the opened position of the trader or investor will automatically be cut off. This mechanism is named as stop loss to limit the loss resulting from the falling trend of the market.

Make Money Even You Don’t Know Forex Trading Online

Managed Forex accounts is the best solution if you don’t know have time to trade currencies or even you dont know Fx trading at all, Professional experienced money managers and best Forex traders will trade for you and split the profit at the end of the year or each month.
Some of trusty Forex managed accounts companies like Fxstay team make several million dollars profit for their clients in a fiscal year so if you don’t know Forex trading or don’t have time to trade and manged your Fx account so open a managed Forex account and use top money managers to managed your Forex account, we use ForexSQ as source.


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