HY Markets Spreads Table List On EurUsd Pair

HY Markets Spreads are different and depends on the account type you choose and also the forex trading platform has effect on the HY Markets Spreads so before you start trading currencies be sure you know HY Markets Spreads on different platforms, account types and currency pairs.

HY Markets Spreads

HYMarkets Spreads

HY Pro Trader Spreads

Spreads on HY Pro forex trading platform start from 0.5 pip but minimum open account on HY Pro Trader currency trading platform is $5000 and you will have leverage up to 1:200.

HY Pro account is designed for individuals wanting to trade higher volumes, with fast interbank pricing by a large number of global banks providing the deepest liquidity .

HY Markets Spreads

  • Please note that HY Markets foreign exchange broker reserves the right to increase or decrease fx spreads with very short or no notice depending on the market conditions.
  • There are no commissions or hidden costs on any currency pairs at HY Market forex broker. Our transparent online trading platform allows users to know the charges per trade.
  • For any rolling spot contract HY Markets fx broker will deduct or credit an overnight interest fee. These fees depend on current interest rates, trade size and the open price of the trade. For a specific calculation please see Interest Rate Calculator on the products page. Interest fees only apply to non-Islamic accounts on spot positions. Islamic accounts are free of overnight fees for the first 14 days a position is open and is then charged at a standard storage fee of $3 per full contract per night.
  • HY Markets forex broker does not provide hedging to clients. All positions are worked on a FIFO basis (First In First Out). This means that when you take an opposite trade to any open order the system will automatically close this order. If the trade sizes are uneven then the system will close the trade size that is equal on both trades and leave you with an open position with the remaining trade. Hedging is possible on a HY Markets MT4 account.

To read full information about HY Markets Spreads and review visit HYCM review.

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