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IG Spreads review by TopForexBrokers.com, All you need about IG Index spreads, Check out the IG Markets Spreads before open trading account, What is minimum IG trading Spreads. For more info about IG UK spreads you can check out the IG index review by ForexSQ.com forex website.

IG Index Spreads review


Market nameMinimum betAvailable spreadMargin factor
FTSE 100 DFB 24 hours£110.5%
Wall Street DFB 24 hours£11.80.5%
Germany 30 DFB 24 hours£110.5%
Australia 200 DFB 24 hours£210.5%


Share categoryDFBsNear quarterFar quarterVery far quarter 
FTSE 100 shares0.10%0.20%0.40%0.60%
Major US shares0.10%0.35%0.45%0.60%
Major European shares0.10%0.35%0.45%0.60%

With share spread bets, we offer permanently low spreads on thousands of shares, given as a percentage of the underlying market value. We subtract the spread from the market value to get a Sell price, and we add it to the market value to get a Buy price


Market nameMin bet Min spreadAve spread*Margin required
Spot EUR/USD£10.60.750.5%
Spot AUD/USD£10.60.750.5%
Spot EUR/GBP£10.91.171%
Spot GBP/USD£10.91.341%


Market nameMinimum bet SpreadMargin factor
Spot Gold£50.30.7%
Spot Silver£32.51%
Oil – US Crude£231%
Oil – Brent Crude£131%

CFD trading


Market nameValue of one contractAvailable spreadMargin per contract
FTSE 100 24 hours£1010.5%
Wall Street 24 hours$101.80.5%
Germany 30 24 hours€2510.5%
Australia 200 24 hoursAUD2510.5%


Share categoryCommission per sideMin charge (online)Min charge (phone)
US2 cents per share$15$25

With share CFDs you deal at the real market price, so we don’t attach our own spread. Instead, we take a small commission when you open the position, and again when you close it. In each instance, a minimum charge applies.


Market nameValue per pointMin spreadAve spread*Margin req
Spot EUR/USD$100.60.750.5%
Spot AUD/USD$100.60.750.5%
Spot EUR/GBP£100.91.171%
Spot GBP/USD$100.91.341%


Market nameValue of one contractSpreadMargin per contract
Spot Gold$1000.30.7%
Spot Silver$502.51%
Oil – US Crude$1031%
Oil – Brent Crude$1031%

Share dealing

Spread betting and CFD traders

If you have placed at least one spread bet or CFD trade on any market in the previous calendar month, you will automatically qualify for our lowest commission rate for UK shares.

Trading activity in previous monthCommission per trade (UK shares only)
1 or more spread bets or CFD trades£5

Share dealing only traders

If you’ve not placed at least one spread bet or CFD trade in the previous month, you’ll still qualify for our lowest commission rate on UK stocks if you’ve placed ten or more share dealing trades in the previous month.

Number of trades (in previous month)Commission per trade (UK shares only)
10+ trades£5
0-9 trades£8

International shares

For all other shares, we charge the following:

RegionCommission per tradeMinimum charge onlineMinimum charge phone
UK£5 – £8 (as above)£40
US2 cents per share$15$50

Funding and interest

Funding and interest charges apply to CFD trades and spread bets only.

DFBs and cash CFDs

If you keep a Daily Funded Bet (DFB) or Cash CFD position open overnight (after 10pm UK time) we will make an interest adjustment to your account, to reflect the cost of funding your position. The interest adjustment is based on 1-month interbank funding rates (eg. LIBOR). We debit your account if your position is long, and credit your account for a short position – if the interbank funding rate is greater than 2.5%.*

For nearly all our markets, this is calculated in the same way for both spread bets and CFDs. For forex, the funding cost is calculated differently. See the table below.

Daily funded bets and cash CFDs

Long positionsShort positionsForex positions
We charge 2.5%* above the relevant interbank rate.

Eg. If the relevant interbank 1-month rate is 0.5%, you would be charged 3.00% (annualised).

You receive the relevant interbank rate, minus 2.5%*.

If the interbank rate is greater than 2.5%,* we credit your account; if the interbank rate is less than 2.5%,* your account is debited.

Eg. If the relevant interbank 1-month rate is 0.5%, you would be charged 2.00% (annualised).

For forex positions, we charge funding based on the current tom-next rate.

Tom-next shows, in points, the difference between the interest paid to borrow the currency that is being notionally sold, and the interest received from holding the currency.

*3% on mini and micro CFD contracts

Futures and forwards

For fixed-expiry deals on stock indices and commodities we offer futures for spread betting and CFDs. For fixed-expiry shares and forex, we offer forwards for spread betting. We build the overnight funding charges into the spread, so that everything is included, for futures and forwards. This makes it easier to identify your break-even level on your deal.

Non-share markets

Stock indexFutures spreadForex pairForward spreadCommodityFutures spread
FTSE 1004EUR/USD10Spot gold0.6
Wall Street6GBP/USD9Spot silver3
Germany 306AUD/USD10Light Cruide oil6
More indicesMore forex pairsMore commodities

Share markets

We offer forward spread bets on shares, for the upcoming three quarters.

MarketQuarterly bets (near)Quarterly bets (far)Quarterly bets (very far)
FTSE 100 shares0.20%0.40%0.60%
Other UK shares0.40%0.45%0.60%
Major US shares0.35%0.45%0.60%
Other US shares0.35%0.45%0.60%
Euro shares0.35%0.45%0.60%
Other euro shares0.35%0.45%0.60%
More shares

Understanding margin

Margin trading gives you full exposure to a market using only a fraction of the capital you’d normally need. It is the amount of money you need to open a position, defined by the margin rate.

IG Markets Spreads review conclusion

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