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This Oanda review conducted by the team of Topforexbrokers.com for those who want to know all about the Oanda broker. In this review you will know how to open free Oanda demo account and all about Oanda forex brokerage like Oanda fxtrade platform, You will also know more about the Oanda currency converter.

Since the mid-1990s, OANDA.com is one of the primary innovators of online Forex brokers. The company is assumed to be founded by Dr. Richard Olsen and Dr Michael Stumm. Whereas in 2001 the online trading platform Fxtrade was launched, it was the 1st completely automatic forex trading platform. As the broker have developed by leaps and bounds to manage larger than a million inquiries per day. It is evaluated that about 20 percent of the international spot FX trades goes over OANDA’s servers.

Oanda Review by Topforexbrokers.com

Trading Platforms

Serving the requirements of traders at the broker are 2 simple kinds trading platforms, the OANDA’s MetaTrader4 and FXTrade WebTrader trading platform. The MT4 trading platform is actually regarded by the online trading communal for its innovative features and difficulty trading tools. As for FXTrade WebTrader, it needs JAVA to run. For the reason that it is web based, brokers can right to use the platform from everywhere in the world if they have an internet connection.

Equally these 2 versions of trading platform are also presented as mobile versions for mobile devices. Instead of tech savvy traders, they can usage the OANDA FXTrade API libraries to form their personal automated trading system to put up trading activities such as:

  • Access To Historical and Current Market Data
  • Access To Historical Trading Transactions
  • Stop-Loss, Take-Profit Or Entry Orders
  • Risk-Free Testing
  • Trade Requests

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Account Types

OANDA does not classify amid various types of traders. As such, there is simply one standard type of trading account at the broker. The good news is they also don’t have a minimum deposit requirement. Trades of any sizes are permissible without any lowest lot size.

Spreads and Leverage

Spread providing are uncertain. For currency pairs, the EUR/USD pair can be as small as 1 pip. Spreads for CFDs vary by asset choice. The company also provides an online tab on its website that specifics the fundamental spreads on all assets offered, each altering in actual time. As for leverage, the standard of 20:1 for exotics and for 50:1 for majors put on to currency pairings, whereas leverage for CFDs might vary widely, depending on the division of the marketplace.


To continue the integrity and reliability of their operations, OANDA broker authorize that it come across all the required regulatory provisions for an online forex broker.

As for the security of client’s funds, OANDA UK single deal with Tier 1 banks for example Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Customer Support

Customer support services at OANDA broker is presented 5 days a week from Sunday to Friday. The customer service representative can connected through telephone, email fax and live chat. For the profit of their clients, the company maintain an office in the following places:

  • Bay front, Singapore
  • Chicago, USA
  • London, UK
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Toronto,  Canada

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Checks or wire transfers, Debit or Credit cards could be used to deposit your trading account with the broker. And the process of Withdrawals will at all times follow an equal path, as essential by universal law. All withdrawal requests will receive quick processing, providing your personal identity data.

Oanda Currency Converter

As a Blogger, I maximum time I get paid in Dollars and via PayPal. Hence, it’s significant for me to keep a track of current exchange rates. There are several sites like XE Currency converter, Yahoo, briefly Currency exchange rate conversion sites which helps us to find day to day forex currency rates.

Oanda currency converter Exchange Rates provides web-based foreign exchange trading and currency data using advanced financial and computer skill. This site is purely clear on the eyes, and the present as well as previous rates can be navigated through by means of using simple buttons. Oanda currency converter is also a quick method. It provides conversions among 160 currencies.

By the Oanda currency converter App, you can:

  • Obtain conversion rates immediately, or ask for details where you can get sell and buy rates for both currencies.
  • Store the last 5 currencies you used for quick access.
  • Whereas you convert currency, you sell one currency to buying another. Your monetary institution charges you a different rate if you are buying or selling a currency.

Oanda FXTrade platform

The trading platform of OANDA FXTrade was intended to lessening CFD and currency trading charges and increase up implementation to within 0.077 seconds or less. That is five times faster than a blink of an eye. 98% of the trades are executed within this short time period.

The FXTrade Company can be opened at work, at home or on the road. There is no necessary for a devoted trade station, and the Java interface needs not any software installation. There several features on the broker FXTrade platform.

The Real-time limit orders and market orders can be made with one click. Take Stop loss/profit, lower and upper bounds or trailing stops can be used to stop undesirable order execution in the occasion of a quick market variation and traders can report stop losses, trailing stops and take profits by just clicking on the graph.

The trading platform of OANDA FXTrade permits traders to obtain their Net Asset Value and real-time account balance at a glance and inspect variations in currency exchange rates, review previous transactions, review current trades, or issue buy and sell requests whereas keyboard shortcuts can be used to direct fast through charts and open trading windows.

The brokerage trading platform is available in German, Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Spanish.


By this Oanda review conducted by topforexbrokers.com team you know all about the Oanda UK broker, with features such as real time pricing, automatic trading capability, and trade sizes, no minimum deposit requirement, it is simple to understand why OANDA UK broker is prevalent among several traders. The point that the company is a long established and regulated broker is an extra bonus for traders. If you like this Oanda reviews conducted by topforexbrokers.com then please share it on social media networks.

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