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PAMM Forex account definition, How to open Forex PAMM account with the best brokers the professional money managers and expert traders at endeavor to provide clients with all the information they need about financial assets and the international markets in which they are traded.  Our team of experts has evaluated forex brokers and the online trading platforms they use to place trades and manage trading accounts on behalf of investment clients all over the world, all of which can be viewed on our forex trading website.

There are millions of stock brokers in the world and a huge variety of trading platforms for use in facilitating trading of financial assets on behalf of clients. Each broker offers different amenities, features, tools, assets and types of trading accounts, which usually include some form of account dedicated to novice traders, an account designed for professional traders, a demo account that provides virtual funds for practice trading and managed accounts which are completely overseen by an account manager designated by the brokerage firm.  

One of the problems with managed accounts is that investors may not know who is actually managing their investment funds, especially when trading account funds are allocated among different brokerage firms.  It is conceivable that managed trades could be conducted by a novice trader, but it could also be an experienced trader or even trading robots developed by particular brokers. 

Most forex brokers are reputable organizations that provide qualified and experienced account managers most of whom have college degrees in finance, marketing or other related disciplines. Traders should seek as much information as possible about all individuals or processes that will be used to conduct trading activities on their behalf.  

BrokerMin Account SizeLeverageSpreadUS TradersReviewOpen Account
Fxstay$10001:500EUR/USD: 0.6ReviewFree AccountDemo

Managed Forex Trading Accounts 

Investorchoose managed trading accounts when they want to participate in trading assets in a particular market but have little or no background or knowledge to formulate safe and successful investments and either don’t have the time or don’t want to learn about various assets and the markets in which they are traded.  Managed investment accounts allow investors to rely on the wisdom of experienced professional traders in most cases. 

A lot of individual investors decide to open managed trading accounts after having suffered losses from placing unsuccessful trades on their own. The last thing these disappointed investors need is to be enticed by a brokerage that promises unrealistic stellar returns on investments that can ultimately result in more financial losses for traders.   

Any trader who considers opening a managed forex or other financial asset trading account should do as much research on the broker and the individual account manager as possible.  This should include information about trading success and client satisfaction.  Investors should not trust their hard earned money with any money account manager whom they haven’t thoroughly researched or whose respect and trust they have not yet garnered.  

There are several different management models used by brokers and their professional account managers to oversee and manage client trading accountswhich include the Percentage Allocation Management model (PAMM), Lot Allocation Management model (LAMM) and the Multi-Account Manager (MAM). 

As with stock brokers, there are a gazillion PAMM account brokers, as well as LAMM and MAM brokers who offer managed forex trading accounts that are overseen by a director/manager who uses a master account from which multiple client trading accounts are managed.

What Is PAMM Account?

The PAMM system uses a management model that distributes trade size and client trading fund allocations according to contributions made by traders. A PAMM broker also allows traders to allocate a percentage of their trading account funds to one or more additional account managers for PAMM trading.   

The PAMM broker designates a director or manager uses a master account from which he or she manages multiple trading accounts on behalf of clients around the world.  The master account of the PAMM manager maintains capital assets that are equal to the sum of the value of all the client subaccounts they manage.  All client funds are aggregated into a single managed trading account.  

The PAMM director conducts trades that are automatically replicated in all the client subaccounts and divided among those individual subaccounts according to the percentage of equity each one represents in relation to the total equity of all combined subaccounts managed (the total of capital held and managed by the broker’s account manager on behalf of trading clients).  

Minimum PAMM account deposits vary between brokers but PAMM account allow withdrawals only at rollover and profit/loss distributions are transacted according to a pre-arranged agreement with the account manager, which can be monthly, quarterly or annually.  

For investment purposes and when using PAMM system of trading the term “rollover” refers to the practice of using all profits or other asset proceeds realized from a trader’s investment activity to automatically reinvest (almost always) in the same asset.  

For PAMM trading of forex assets the term rollover is also known as “tomorrow next” and means lengthening an open (or active) trading position from its original intended settlement date by one day. Trading positions close at the forex asset rate (or price) at the close of business on the original settlement date and then the position is automatically reopened at the opening rate of the asset on the next available trading day.   

LAMM Trading 

LAMM trading uses a management model that copies all of the account manager’s trades into every trading account managed and does not take into consideration the size or value of the underlying subaccounts which actually fund the trading activities of the account manager.  LAMM trading allows investors to set different allocation risks to each of the manager’s trades using lot sizes.  Every time an account director or manager opens a trading position, the same position is automatically simultaneously opened in each and every one of the manager’s trading subaccounts according to the allocation of funds devoted to that particular trading strategy by each subaccount holder. 

Minimum account deposit requirements for LAMM accounts vary between brokers but are usually significantly higher than with PAMM forex trading accounts. Investors’ funds are segregated in separate individual accounts, distribution of profits/losses are transacted in real time and LAMM account holders can make withdrawals from trading accounts at any time.  

LAMM trading models consume a lot of space which creates problems for internet browsers that can be overwhelmed, which in turn subjects brokers and liquidity providers to so much strain that this type of trading model has become obsolete and basically extinct. 

MAM Trading 

MAM trading accounts allow investors to use the same percentage allocation method that PAMM forex accounts use, but provide more flexibility for allocating trades and adjusting risks in each client subaccount based on a particular client’s risk profile.  

MAM trading uses a sophisticated management model that uses leverage to better optimize asset trading in client subaccounts with the aim of increasing short term investment returns. These accounts are designed for use by more affluent investors whose risk tolerances are higher than average traders. 

Minimum deposit requirements vary between brokers and MAM client investment trading funds are held in multiple accounts and sometimes even split between multiple different brokers.  This is an example of a situation in which traders would have no inkling as to the identity of the person and/or people actually conducting trades on their behalf.   

Distributions of profits/losses are made in accordance with the agreement reached with the account manager and can be monthly, quarterly or annually.  MAM account fund withdrawals are only permitted at rollover or the previously agreed upon trading interval.  

There are significant differences between brokers, trading platforms and types of forex investment trading accounts, including managed accounts that are offered by PAMM account brokers and others that follow the PAMM, LAMM and MAM models for account management.     

As previously mentioned, every trader who considers utilizing any type of managed trading or other managed money account should gather as much information as possible about the brokerage firm, the individual(s) designated as account managers and the particular terms of the trading account that comprise the management agreement.

Forex PAMM Brokers

BrokerMin Account SizeLeverageSpreadUS TradersReviewOpen Account
Fxstay$10001:500EUR/USD: 0.6ReviewFree AccountDemo

The Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is an asset trading account management system used by brokers all over the world to manage multiple trading accounts for clients.  Every broker has different terms and conditions regarding their managed PAMM accounts, which are popular in Europe and Russia, but are highly regulated in the United States.  The PAMM model of account management simplifies trading activities and enhances relationships between clients and their brokers and/or money managers.   

PAMM Account management descended from LAMM (Lot Allocation Management Module) and MAM (Multi-Account Management), all of which are trading accounts managed by professional investors and account managers for traders with little or no knowledge of financial assets and the markets in which they are traded or for those who simply don’t have time to learn, but want the opportunity to trade in various international marketplaces. 

PAMM Account Managers help grow investment funds for clients but are not allowed to withdraw any profits realized from the accounts they manage.  The Account Manager receives remuneration in the form of a performance fee calculated using the amount of profits realized in the PAMM account managed.  Profits are divided according to the proportion of traders’ investments and are distributed to investors at the end of the pre-determined trading period.

FxPro PAMM Account

The FxPro broker offers a variety of trading accounts that are divided among trading platforms rather than skill level of traders or amount of funds traded.  Account types include MT4, MT5 and cTrader, as well as FxPro SuperTrader and specialized accounts that offer more affluent traders VIP support services. The FxPro PAMM Account offers trading transparency and eliminates any possible conflicts of interest 

Investors interested in opening a PAMM Account with the FxPro broker should visit the website and contact customer support services for instructions on opening a managed PAMM trading account. 

Fxpro broker provide forex trading, Spread betting, binary options trading, CFDs trading as well as stocks trading. The company is one of the top spread betting broker

Alpari PAMM Accounts Review

The PAMM accounts offered by Alpari allow investors to make money without having to make decisions about trading assets or markets.  This relieves pressure from inexperienced or busy traders and lets them rely on the knowledge and expertise of the professional investors and investment account managers at Alpari. 

Alpari offers PAMM Accounts and PAMM Portfolios to its clients, which are managed with an initial investment of “Manager Capital.”  The Account Manager then designs a proposal in which all the terms and conditions of the PAMM account are set forth, including percentages of profits that will be paid to the Account Manager. 

Investments are made using both the brokers investment capital and the funds in the accounts they manage and profits and losses are distributed according to the trader’s share in the investment. 


Investors who open accounts with FXCM can choose between trading accounts designed for every level of trader, from beginner to professional.  Mini Accounts are designed for novice investors and require minimal initial deposits; Standard Accounts have higher minimum deposit requirements and include more tradeable assets; Active Trader Accounts are designed specifically for seasoned investors and more affluent investors. 

The FXCM broker also offers PAMM Accounts for traders who want to trade in certain markets but have little experience with which to research, formulate and place successful trades.  FXCM PAMM Accounts are managed by professional investors who usually have expertise in the fields of finance, marketing or other related fields.  

Dukascopy PAMM Account

Investors who open accounts with the Swiss brokerage Dukascopy can open trading accounts designed for their particular level of expertise or they can rely on the wisdom of experienced Account Managers by opening a Dukascopy PAMM Account. 

Dukascopy PAMM Accounts are available on all the trading platforms offered by the brokerage and are based on limited powers of attorney that enable simultaneous management of an unlimited number of trading accounts. Account deposits can be made in different currencies and those funds can be deposited in different banks or other financial institutions.  Profits and losses realized with a Dukascopy PAMM Account are distributed between managed accounts based on the ratio of their investment.  

The Dukascopy broker also offers a Demo PAMM Account that traders can use for fourteen (14) days which has the full functionality of a live PAMM trading account, but transactions are conducted in a virtual setting that allows investors to experience the PAMM Account before committing to opening a live trading PAMM Account. 

OANDA PAMM accounts

In 2007 OANDA Corporation introduced its proprietary FxManager which allows professional Account managers to oversee and conduct trading on behalf of multiple clients using the PAMM model of account management. The OANDA PAMM Accounts provide an automated trading interface that allows account managers to focus on successful trades rather than account administration.   

OANDA PAMM Accounts involve trades placed by Account Managers across all the accounts managed and fees are automatically applied according to fee schedules that are predetermined by the PAMM Account Manager. 

Clients who open OANDA PAMM Accounts can login to trading accounts and access the latest information at any time and these automated PAMM accounts are so efficient that minimal involvement is required of the Account Manager. 

PAMM Account Hotforex

Investors who open trading accounts with Hotforex can choose a variety of trading accounts that include Micro, Currenex and Managed Accounts.  Micro accounts are designed for less experienced traders and offer low minimum deposit requirements and a variety of tradeable assets.  The Currenex account requires higher minimum deposits and is designed for more experienced investors. 

The Hotforex managed PAMM account places all responsibility for day to day account management on Account Managers, who are experienced traders and whose own funds are included in the trading conducted on behalf of Hotforex PAMM Account holders.  

Hotforex PAMM Accounts offer trading transparency by allowing real time access to a PAMM manager’s trading performance statistics and allowing investors to protect their investment funds by setting maximum levels of risk they are willing to accept.  In addition, Hotforex PAMM Account holders can transact account deposits and withdrawals to and from trading accounts at any time at the daily rollover and no fees or charges are imposed.

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