How to Start Trading Forex

There are many steps to take before you are ready to begin Forex trading. There is research, planning, learning and analysis of your finances. These steps can take time. Forex Trading is not something you wake up one morning and decide to start and immediately begin earning money although technically you can start when you open account with a broker.

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Some brokerage firms will advertise that you can start trading in minutes when you open an account with them. While this is technically possible, there is so much more that goes into beginning to trade Forex. To start trading immediately like this would be a serious mistake.

Of course, the beginning of learning to trade is learning to understand the terms. Knowing and understanding basic terminology for Forex trading is necessary before you make any decisions. You need to know terms like ask and buy and spread and pips before you start looking at brokerages at all. You must understand how currency pairs work and how your money is being spent. This will help you understand which currency you want to trade and how to tell what your profit or loss will be.

You must develop a strategy and a plan. In order to begin to trade with any expectations of success, it is extremely important to assess what type of trading you want to do and what the is best trading plan for that method of trading and for your personality.

The next step would be to choose a brokerage firm. You will find that researching and deciding which brokerage firm to use is one important step in the process of beginning to trade Forex. If you are completely inexperienced at Forex trading, it is extremely important that the broker you choose offers demo accounts. This will allow you to learn how to trade Forex without spending real money.

Each brokerage has advantages and disadvantages so it is highly recommended to research the different aspects of each brokerage before choosing one. Brokerages vary in many ways. Some of the variations are based on the types of accounts that are offered and the features that come with each one. The type of account you open will determine what the minimum deposit required is and what amount of leverage they will permit. This also usually determines the commission you will pay or spread available for your trades.

These are all important factors in choosing a brokerage and an account within that brokerage. Other aspects to consider are platform, customer service availability and regulation. Before you start trading Forex, you need to be aware that there are some brokerage firms that will try to scam you and not allow you to withdraw your money when you want to. These firms are usually located in countries with limited or no regulation and there are no guarantees or insurance policies.

You will see that there are many decisions to make before you make your first trade. Hopefully this guide will help you through those tough decisions.

Broker Min Account Size Leverage Spread US Traders Review Open Account
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