Swissquote Bank SA

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What Is Swissquote Bank SA?

Swissquote Bank Ltd specifies in providing financial trading and online Forex trading services. Its head company, Swissquote Group Holding SA, has been registered on the SIX Swiss Exchange under the ticker sign “SQN” since 2000. The trading platform of Swiss quote is one of a handful forex brokers that works out of Switzerland and because they are a regulated and licensed Swiss bank, the platform is extremely trusted among traders in the online forex trading community. Therefore, it is not astonishing to find that this broker is presently serving more than 200,000 institutional and private customers.

SwissquoteBank SA, via its online financial platform and its analysis & selection tools, is active in trading in equities, funds, bonds, warrants, and options & futures. The bank also offers services designed specifically for asset managers and corporate clients. In addition, the bank offers an electronic asset management tool, ePrivate Banking, as well as traditional banking services, including mortgages, savings accounts and more specialised transactions, such as currency trading (eForex).

Swissquote Bank SA Review Conclusion

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